Affordable Housing Solution From China?

"A Chinese company that builds steel-framed prefabricated homes could help solve Hawaii’s affordable housing crisis by cutting home-building costs in the Islands by about 25 percent."

Can this Chinese company really provide a solution for affordable housing here in Hawaii?

I don't know if anyone notice. The reason why Hawaii real estate is not affordable is not the building cost. We all know that building the structure itself is not that expensive. It is the limited land resources and conservation that's driving up the prices of real estate in Hawaii. Beside, we have a limitless source of buyers who are constantly buying up any properties here. Prices here will never be affordable even if we can cut a couple ten thousands from the building cost. The real estate market price is driven by supply and demand, not construction cost.

Thank you for trying though.

I'm saying this prefabricated home has no place here in Hawaii. If it delivers what it promises - stronger and more precise home, and easy re-assembling. I'm all for it. I just don't see how it will make homes more affordable.

After all, look at the explosion in real estate price in China over last few years. So either China is not using prefabricated home technology or this technology does not contribute to affordable housing.

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