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Ala Moana, in Hawaiian language means path to the sea.

Ala Moana is the downtown cosmopolitan district in Honolulu Hawaii. It’s located between Waikiki and Kakaako.

This is “the Happening Place”. Everything, events and parties happens here. You pretty much have everything you need within walking distance.

Living in Ala Moana, chances are you probably do not need a vehicle. Almost all buses connects to Ala Moana from anywhere of the island. By the way, the Bus system here is one of the best in the country. There are shops, restaurants, banks, grocery stores, Starbucks all within walking distance.

If the place you want to go is a bit too far. You’ll right a bus stop close by if you did want to drive.
Waikiki is where all the party animals go, whereas Ala Moana is where all the shopaholics go. Ala Moana Shopping Center boasts to be the world’s largest open-air shopping center.

It’s great to live here. You can walk to Ward Centers or Ala Moana Shopping Centers for dinner with friends or families. There are many nice restaurants of all sorts to choose from.

Then, there are over 200 retail shops at Ala Moana Shopping Center alone, which hosts most of the luxury national designer’s brands. But at Ward Centers, which is very close by, you’ll find more of a local flair of unique local retail stores, variety of restaurants, and a 16-theater cinema complex.

Recreations in Ala Moana

Fun does not stop at shopping and dining in Ala Moana.

Right across from Ala Moana Shopping Center and Ward Centers is the famous Ala Moana beach park. The white-sand beach stretches over half a mile.

The beach is protected by an the reef, which shows easily on any low-tide day. This natural protection makes Ala Moana beach a perfect spot of novice swimmers, and young child. The calmness of the beach resembles that of a lake. But here, you’ll only see standing-paddlers and swimmers on the inside of the beach. On the outside of the reef is where the surf action happens.

Ala Moana Beach Park is where local people hang out on the weekend – family get together, Cross Fit sessions, stand-up paddling, surfing, fishing, canoe-paddling, tennis, jogging, swimming, beach volley ball, and wedding picture taking.

Such romantic back drop…especially the Hawaiian sunset.

People come to the park for all kinds of recreations.

I have to admit I come here all the time. My daughter plays tennis here almost everyday, while I walk around the Magic Island for my exercise. I also come to do stand-up paddle on the weekends. I use to do all my triathlon training everyday at this park.

I call this my second home. I'm here everyday.

School Information

The Ala Moana school district has two pretty well-ranked middle and high schools - Washington Middle School and McKinley High School.

If public is not your thing, there several top-rated private school within 5 miles to choose from.
Click on the map on the right to explore various school options in Ala Moana area, and their rankings.

Homes in Ala Moana

Homes in Ala Moana are mostly condos ranging from small studio to bigger 3-5 bedrooms units and penthouses. Condo prices are higher than condos in other area, as Ala Moana is a highly desired location as you can see several luxury condo complex were recently approved for construction and will be ready in about 2 years.

Its neighbor in Kakaako is experience the same with 7 new condos in the developing process. You may be thinking these additional units will bring the price of Ala Moana condos down. You’ll be surprise. Many of the condo that are still in the building stage are already sold-out at current market price. The luxury condos are selling at over a million to several millions each unit.

Is it worth it?

Let’s see.

There are many good reasons for people to want to live in Ala Moana. We have covered quite a few in this page. And for someone who can afford the price, it makes sense. You have to pay for a place to live any way, whether you rent or buy. But if you’re buying, you want to at least get some additional benefit other than just great locations. How about great return of your investment? Ala Moana is only one of the few areas on Oahu that sees 10% increase in property value since the 2008 housing crash.

A friend of mine bought a condo in Aiea right before the housing crash in 2008. It is true that the condo prices are a lot cheaper in Aiea because the demand is lower. So when the market crashed, so did the price of her condo. Her current property value is still 15% below her original purchase price, which means it will take her a lot longer to make up her loss before she can see some gains.

So where would you rather be?

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