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The Hawaii Kai neighborhood includes Portlock, Hahaʻione and Kaʻalākei valleys, Mariners Ridge, Queen's Gate, and Kalama Valley. The U.S. Postal Code for Hawaii Kai is 96825.

Hawaii Kai is one of the largest residential communities on the eastern side of the Oahu island or East Honolulu. Hawaii Kai was developed from the ancient Maunalua fishpond and wetlands area known as Kuapā started in 1959. The neighborhood has since extended all the way back into the valleys and up the gorgeous ridges.

Today, Hawaii Kai still retains the water landmark as is evidenced by the tranquility and breathtaking view of the Marina, which leads into the ocean. This characteristic make Hawaii Kai especially desirable as Hawaii Kai is the only neighborhood in Hawaii where you can buy a home with a boat dock on a marina.

With median home prices higher than just about anywhere else in the state, Hawaii Kai is a very upscale community. It is one of the most exclusive and affluent suburban neighborhoods in Honolulu.
The drive on the Kalanianaole Highway into Hawaii Kai, you’ll be greeted by the peaceful ocean on one side and majestic mountain on the other.

Recreations in Hawaii Kai

Hawaii Kai is also home to some of the most breathtaking sightseeing points and attractions in Oahu, such as the Hanauma Bay, Maunalua Bay beach, Sacred Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail and Mariner's Ridge trail. In fact, some of Oahu's most beautiful landscapes are here in Hawaii Kai.

Water sports enthusiasts would enjoy what the Hawaii Kai has to offer.

The Maunalua Bay beach park is popular for water sports such as standing-up paddling, canoe-paddling, jet ski-ing, and recently kite surfing. Water-loving residents can water ski inside the Hawaii Kai Marina. In fact, this is the only place on the island where you can jet ski and water ski in protected water. Maunalua Bay is a huge protected place to enjoy all kinds of water sports. There are also commercial boat rentals available, where you can rent a ski boat or dive boat on any day.

Sandy Beach, also home to the Halona Blowhole, is a popular body surfing location for the local crowd. It is a pristine beach not crowded by the tourists. This world-class body surfing beach is sometimes called "Break Necks”. Don't be fooled by the size of the surf. The waves here can be intense. Each year several people are injured while body surfing at Sandy Beach because of the powerful waves.

The Hanauma Bay is the most famous snorkeling spot on the south side of Oahu, and hosts more snorkelers than any other beach in Hawaii. It serves as the marine-life sanctuary and fishing is absolutely prohibited to preserve the natural beauty of marine life.

If water sports are not your thing, Hawaii Kai also has some beautiful hiking spots with breathtaking views, such as Makapu’u lighthouse Trail, Koko Head Crater Trail and the Mariner’s Ridge Trail. The Mariner’s Ridge Trail was recently closed to public access. Now you can only access this trail with designated hiking groups.

Next to Sandy beach is the Makapuʻu lighthouse, which is an easy hike which overlooks the beautiful Makapuʻu Beach, Sea Life Park and the windward coast. In the winter season, you can even watch whales coming to Hawaii for the warm water. This is also where 50 First Dates starring Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler were filmed.

How could a community be completed without shops and restaurants?

There are three main shopping centers in Hawaii Kai - The Hawaii Kai Towne Center, The Koko Marina Center, and the Hawaii Kai Shopping Center which host grocery stores, theater, coffee shops, restaurants, Costco, doctors’ and other professional offices. You can enjoy the beautiful marina view in any of these locations while doing your shopping or lunch.

Hawaii Kai is a highly sought-after community for those seeking a secure, peaceful and beautiful place to live in Hawaii.

Who Lives in Hawaii Kai?

This neighborhood is popular among business executives, management, and professionals, who prefer a secluded neighborhood, spacious homes and a resort-like lifestyle close to the ocean and many scenic points, and not to mention great schools for their children. Median income in Hawaii Kai is $120,000. There are also families who have lived in this area for generations.

School Information

Hawaiʻi Kai is one of the best public school districts in Honolulu. It is home to Henry J. Kaiser High School, Hahaʻione Elementary, Kamiloiki Elementary, and Koko Head Elementary Schools. All these schools are highly ranked by the Honolulu Magazine and GreatSchool.net each year based on the high parent involvement and great support from the community.

If public schools aren't your thing, there are many private preparatory schools to choose from in Hawaii Kai and in Honolulu, which is about 15-20 minutes away.

Hawaii Kai Homes

Hawaii Kai homes offer spacious resort-style living with various choices of activities. Gate communities of condos and townhouses offer great amenities to ensure comfort and entertainment of occupants.
Hawaii Kai is definitely a boat’s owner’s dream come true as many homes here have as marina lot.
If you're looking for a waterfront home in Hawaii Kai, your options are Spinnaker Isle, Anchorage, the Peninsula, Koko Isle, Kuapa Isle, and the West Marina area which comes with a boat dock. Marina front homes in Hawaii Kai range from about $600k for a townhome to about $5 million for a large house.
You can also find oceanfront and beachfront houses in Portlock, Koko Kai and the Triangle area.

If you prefer to be away from the water, there are also hillside homes with gorgeous ocean and marina views, such as the Mariner's Ridge, Na Pali Haweo, Kamehame Ridge, Hahaione Valley, and Kamiloiki.
You’ll also find luxury homes with both golf course and ocean views at Queen’s Gate or Laulima across the street from Sandy Beach.

Median home prices in Hawaii Kai are $984,000, compared to $684,000 for the state of Hawaii. Available units range from mid $500,000 1-2 bedrooms condos to multi-million dollar oceanfront or beachfront homes by Portlock, Koko Kai and the Triangle. Real estate properties in Hawaii Kai have seen a total appreciation of 117.26% since 1990 or an average annual appreciation rate of 3.36%.

Single family homes in Hawaii Kai Dr are primarily medium sized three to five bedrooms homes, and condominium are mostly studio to two bedroom units in high-rise building. Most of the residential units are owner occupied. Most of the homes in Hawaii Kai were built between 1970 and 1999. A few were built between 1940 and 1969.

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