Hibiscus Half Marathon Honolulu 2015

This is my ABSOLUTE last running race.

I'm so happy I completed my last running race of my life in flying colors. I ran all the 13.1 miles without stopping, finishing at 2:31.

I used to be a marathon runner many, many years ago. I completed 3 marathon (2006, 2007 and 2009) and 1 triathlon (2007). Then I announced my "retirement" from running since my daughter started playing tennis to become a tennis mom.

Recently, a good friend of mine asked me to do the Hapalua Half Marathon with her. So I agreed as "it's just a half marathon". The Hapalua kicked my ass, I finished 2:47.

By the way, did I mentioned I did not train for the either of these marathon? I spent most of my time playing tennis. My tennis has improved significantly.

Anyway, my friend and I decided to do this Hibiscus Half Marathon just two weeks before the event. I tried to be smarter this time and started training. The first day of training, I ran 6 miles in an hour. Felt pretty good. Then I got sick with stomach flu that day, ended up in emergency room for 2 bags of IV fluid, and was out-of-commission for the next week.

The next week I tried to run another 6-miler, this time my hip and IT band hurt really bad, so I rested and no running until the day of the marathon.

One day after the Hibiscus Half Marathon, I'm still recovering. And I insisted on playing tennis with my friends at the Waikiki Tennis Club for 3 hours.

I'd rather be playing tennis.

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