Home Staging

Simple Home Staging Tips for Quicker Sales

Home staging is not as complicated as it seems. The purpose of staging a home basically is to create an impressive first impression as in any job interview and first dates. You want to make your potential buyers feel comfortable, at ease and preferably “feels like home”.

Why try to impress your potential buyers?

Because you want to sell your house fast at a good price. Home staging increase the value of and appeal of your home. People would buy what makes them feel good. If you do your home staging well, buyers come in and feel like home. They want to buy your home.

Where should you start?

The most basic and first thing to do before any official home staging even takes place should be cleaning and de-cluttering. You can’t impress anyone with a dirty and smelly house. When you sell your house, which hopefully is fast with all your cleaning effort, you have to clean anyway, so just do it now. And repair anything that is visually distracting, such as a hanging window frame, a broker window tapped in place with masking tape, missing door knob, etc.

Gather Ideas

Invite a couple of real estate agents, on separate occasions, to your home to give you an estimate and ask them for their opinions and ideas of how to improve your homes to make it more appealing to buyers in your market.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to hire all these agents. They usually do this for free. This will also give you an opportunity for agent shopping too.

Go to open house to see what other people are doing. Takes notes of what you like, and what you think is bad ideas that you should avoid. These could be simple thing like a vase of flowers on a dining room table, matching towels in bathrooms or a basket of fruit on a kitchen counter. You can also get ideas from home improvement or decorating magazines, and take notes of ideas that catch your attention.

If you prefer to have someone professionally do the home staging for you. Ask your real estate agent for some references, what are the various charge, and what their fees include.

Also discuss with you real estate agent to see if hiring a professional home stager makes sense for your situation. If the fees for a stager are more than the extra value you’ll make from the sale, it is not worth it.

Trust your instincts

Have fun with it. We all have ideas of what a comfortable home looks and feels like. Think of a hotel room. That’s comfortable, feels like home.

You remember the feeling when you walk into a particular home or see pictures of other people’s homes, and you’re like “wow”. I’m not even talking about luxury homes here. Even lower price range homes can stand out with strategically placed furniture that opens up the space, and decorative piece that accentuates certain features, and most of all the feeling of harmony and comfort.

Home Staging Tips

• Begin with cleaning and de-clutter. Remove extra furniture pieces and re-arrange furniture to open up the space. Hide away personal items, such as photographs of family members, trophies, etc.

• Maintenance and repair. These are the basics of preparing a home for sale. Repairs any leaky faucets, cracked windows, torn screens, and so on.

• Remove personal items.

• Touch up interior and exterior wall. If color’s too bright or bold, consider re-painting with more neutral colors. Remove dated or worn wallpaper.

• Accessorize with candles, art, or replacement shower curtains or towels. You can purchase these from thrift store for bargains. Decide on a budget ahead of time.

• Replace window coverings and bedding, if those items are dated.

• Replace outdated or tarnished light fixtures.

• Polish or refinish hardwood flooring, clean or replace carpet, and repair worn flooring with a new surface material.

Use your homeowner instinct, some creativity and effort, you can transform your home into a dream home for another people. This will help you sell your home soon with more cash in hand and move your sooner to your next dream home.