How do you know if the financial advice you are getting is good/bad?

Good financial advice is priceless. Good financial advice can be the key to success.

Bad financial advice is expensive and will cost you a lot more than just money.

Your mind ultimately is your greatest asset. So be very careful of what kind of advice you invest in it.

When someone offers you financial advice, you need to ask yourself:

“Is this person giving me advice to make me rich, or giving me advice to make themselves rich.

Rich dad said, “Most people struggle financially because they take advice from sales people, not rich people." They take financial advice from sales people such as stockbrokers and real estate brokers. As my rich dad said, “The reason they are called brokers is because they are broker than you are."

Be very careful who you get your financial advice from. There is a big difference between financial advice from rich people versus sales people.

Author: Anna

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