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Acorns automatically invests your spare change and allows you to invest as little as $5 into more than 7,000 stocks & bonds. Acorns has partnered with companies, such as Jet, Blue Apron, Airbnb, Boxed and Hulu, to give you up to 10% cash back with purchases on your linked credit cards.


Stash allows you to invest with as little as $5. Invest in what matters to you, from innovation to the environment. Choose from over 40 ETFs that are carefully selected by Stash investment team. Stash will also  away just the right amount for you automatically. 


Start investing with as little as $5. Buy fractional shares in 1,000+ name brand stocks and ETFs. No monthly or annual fees. Only 99¢ a trade.

Swell Invest

Swell is an impact investing platform that helps you invest in high-growth companies solving global challenges.