The Mysterious Passive Income

While sitting at the tennis court, just finished playing tennis, I was telling a friend how nice to be getting paid while playing tennis.

My friend looked at me with a big question mark on his face as in "what do you mean?".

About once a month, I get to be on-call for my work as a registered dietitian. What that means is that I would have to carry a pager (something that should be in a museum; and yes, we communicate with pagers in hospitals) over the weekend. The whole time I'm carrying the pager, I'm getting an on-call pay. If I receive a consult and need to go back to work, I get overtime pay.

Then I mentioned, "In fact, I'm making money all the time." Another puzzled look on his face.

I have a rental property that generates monthly income for me. I have a investor account, that generates a monthly or even daily income for me.

I writing this not to boast what I have, but to show the lack of awareness of general population. Most people are familiar with only one income or one way to make money, which is to work for others on their own time.

There are many ways to generate money while you're enjoying life. Life is too short to slave away making money for other people (your boss or employer).

You may be ask, "That sounds really good, but where do I start?"

For starter: Stop buying every new gadgets there are on the market. And start getting yourself financially educated.

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Author: Anna

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