The Original Ramen Burger is in Honolulu

The Original Ramen Burger is in Honolulu

The popular ramen burger is here in HONOLULU! Fans and skeptics can both taste this new treat today at Taste Table. The ramen burger is a beef patty tucked between two hamburger buns made with ramen noodles glazed with soy sauce.

The ramen burger was first introduced by Keizo Shimamoto, the inventor, in New York. Shimamoto is here in Honolulu serving up 700 ramen burgers at Taste Table.

First come, first serve. Supply while last.

Taste Table
667 Auahi St.
Honoluou, HI 96813

11 a.m. to 10 p.m. (or until burgers run out)

$10 (limit three per person)

Author: Anna

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