Real Estate Agent…Absurd?

Unless yours is like mine…

I have to laugh every time I see something in the media from the Board of Realtor that says something about how their “realtors” are real estate professionals, or “contact your local Realtor” if you need to learn more about the real estate market you’re interested in investing.

I’m sorry but the profession of real estate agent is such as joke. No matter how much they claim these are professional real estate agent with expertise knowledge in real estate, it just does not make it true.

You have to remember whatever pictures the Board of Realtor wants to paint the image of a real estate agent, they are still just sales persons, no different than a car sales person, the sales clerk at GNC. Their professional goal is the make money from your sales.

Have you ever been to any dealership and the sales person would tell you something like, this is a really ridiculous price for a car, and the safety rating is really poor. No…they are all trained to upsale to get you to pay as much as you can afford.

As you know my original profession is a nutritionist. I always laugh when a client came and told me that they bought some fancy supplements from GNC because the SALES CLERK says it is good for this and that. Does this sound ridiculous to you? Why would you take medical or scientific advice from a sales person? Their training is in sales, not nutrition or medicine.

Same for real estate agent. Their training is in sales. It is true that they have to get a license, the license only make sure that these sales people abide by the law. But after that all the training is about sales, how to make a sales.

If you think closely, the real estate agent’s objective is actually conflict with you as a buyer. The real estate agent’s goal is to make a sale and earn your commission in the least amount of time possible. Do you really think these people enjoy showing you properties after properties for months, and then negotiate on your behalf a good price for you. How many times you’ve heard your real estate agent told you that your offer price is too low? And threatened that the seller would reject the offer?

So what if the seller rejects the offer?

You, as the buyer, can make another offer or just move on to check out other properties.

Your real estate professional on the other hand, will become pissed because they miss another chance of earning your commission, and have to keep showing you properties.

People sometimes feel the pressure from their real estate agent to make a higher offer saying that properties like this is not easy to come by, or they’ll say this is a good property at a really good price. Of course, most people would trust them as ”they are supposed to be the expert”.

How many times I have contacted a real estate agent for a property that I’m interested in purchasing as an investment, and I would always ask for the rental income.

Many times that answer is “I’m not a property management and do not have that information available. Please contact a local property management company to find that information.”

If you think this is bad, get this one. I saw another property that I’m interested in so I contacted the agent on their website. I got a pretty quick response from email with the contact information of the listing agent, and I was told that I could contact the listing agent myself to set up the appointment for showing.

So you they want my business or what?

Another time I have to fire my real estate agent after I put in an offer. It is a pretty nice condo is Makiki. After some discussion with my real estate agent, he suggested that I put an offer a litter higher than the asking price. I mistakes I make was trusting him in “his expertise”. He did not even give me a list of comparables. The evening after I put in the offer, I talked to a friend of mind, and he told my offer was too high. I checked the comp online myself. BTW, you can easily check the comparables online nowadays without a real estate agent. All information are public. The property is not worth the price I offered. BTW, most sellers list their properties way too high for what it is worth.

Anyway, long story short, I call up my real estate agent to cancel my offer and fired him over the phone.

And after that, I do all my own research.

Here’s how real estate agent can screw you as a seller.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen properties that are listed way too high of a price and ended up sitting on the market for months.

Again, real estate agent wants commission, which is tied to the sales price of the property. The higher the sales price the more commission they make. So they’ll let the property sits on the market a higher price. You know how people nowadays look up every thing online with a search criteria. If your property’s price is out of their search range, you have one less potential buyer.

But putting your property at a reasonable price will entice more potential buyer to want to look at the property. Many people do not know about negotiation and their real estate agent do not want to negotiate for you either, so they would not volunteer that to you. Most people look at the price as not affordable to them, and would not even bother to check it out. As the property sits on the market long enough, the new batch of potential homebuyers who see your property as something is wrong with this property otherwise, why would it be still on the market.

Another silly thing that real estate agent would suggest their seller to do is let test the market. So they list their client’s property in the MLS at a ridiculous price. What’s the purpose exactly? No one is going to look at the property because the price is too high. Then you withdraw the listing. Then when finally you’re ready to sell the property, people can see that you did try to sell the property before at a higher price. Now the potential buyers are thinking that you must be desperate to sell, and it didn’t happen a year ago. Now is their chance to lowball you.


Be a smart homeowner and real estate investor. Educate yourself. And if you do use a real estate agent, make them earn their commission – ask for comparables, sales history, shows you similar properties in the area to compare shop, negotiate – I always start my first offer at least 10% below the asking price. Don’t get bullied by real estate agent who complains your offer is too low. What they mean is their commission will be too low. Whose money are we dealing with?

My agent who helped me with last rental purchase told me my sale is his lowest sale, but it doesn't matter to him. He still treat my sale as any of his bigger sales, he answer my call right away, returns call promptly, schedule my showings the next day, negotiate on my behalf for at least 2 weeks before seller accept my offer, fight with me to make sure I did the right thing...he's a keeper.

I purchased my first condo at $65,000 below the initial asking price, that’s a 15% discount. Bought the next at 10% below initial asking price, and my timeshares for free.

Everything is possible...when you believe.

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Real Estate Agent...choose carefully.

Author: Anna

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