Real Estate Agent Induced Anguish

Real Estate Agent Induced Anguish

Would You Hire this Real Estate Agent to Sell Your House?

I recently went to an open house in Hawaii Kai. It’s a 4 bedroom and 2.5 bathroom home with 2,000 SF of living space and 14,000 SF land.

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The house is not in excellent condition. You can tell the foundation is bad. The bathroom in the master bedroom is “dinty” (not just small).

The “gourmet kitchen” that they claim is a joke. The kitchen is quite good size with plenty of so-called new cabinets. Looks nice in the picture…but when you see it in person, it’s nothing to desire for. The cabinets do look new but looks like a 12-year-old did it for a school project. One of the cabinet by the door is obviously crooked.

Then, there’s a “bonus room” that the listing agent proudly showed off to visitors are the Open House. First of all, this “bonus room” is an extension from the kitchen with its own entrance. The big room with a closet looking enclosure, which is obviously still under construction. The listing agent cannot tell what this enclosure is going to be “is it going to be a bathroom or a walk-in closet?”

That’s not the worst yet…she claims there’s a permit for this construction from here to here only, gesturing from one side of the room to the other side. When asked “what’s the permit for?” she just ignored me. When I asked “so does that mean part of this is illegal?” she ignored me again.

One nice thing about this house is there’s a big back yard and no neighbor in the back. So we asked “what’s in the back behind the fence? Reservation land? Vacant lot? Alien testing ground?”

“I don’t know” was the answer we got.

Oh well…sorry that I asked.

These are important things I need to know if you want me to dough out “$1,200,000” for this piece of work that I still need to put another at least $100,000 to fix before I can move in.

Did I say she is the “listing agent”? Which means it’s her “fiduciary duty” to know all these things.

By the way, this property is NOT worth $1,200,000. A block from this property, there’s another similar home in a lot greater condition and they’re asking for only $960,000.

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$1.2 million for an old house in Hawaii Kai with illegal structure?

No, thank you…I’ll pass.

The sad thing is, in Hawaii, everyone just hires their cousins or neighbor’s kid, who’s a real estate agent to buy or sell. So this lady is probably somehow related to the seller. And that's how these people can still be in business.

Remember, knowledge is power.

Author: Anna

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