Make Money in Your Free Time with Uber Honolulu

I'm very impressed with uber Honolulu.

I just became a "partner" or driver with Uber.

Uber is one of a few ridesharing companies out there, who is now available in Honolulu. I've only heard good reviews from riders so far.

I want to share my experience as driver. Uber has amazing technology. I can see why the local taxi companies are so eager to get rid of uber from Honolulu. Old-fashion taxi companies would be stand the competition of Uber.

As driver, you have to download this app on your smartphone. When you have free time and decide you want to earn some free money, you just have to tap to go online. Once you're online, you'll be matched with a ride request. Notice you'll be matched, so you won't be bombarded with all the requests everywhere. The technology of Uber match your location with the requester's location. Once you tap and accept the request, there is an easy-to-follow driving direction to take you to your client. You'll have information about your client's name and their phone number if you need to call them.

Once you picked up your client, they usually would have their destination entered. So you just have to follow the instruction on your smart phone and take them safely to where they need to go. It's that easy.

On your client side, he/she is able to track you on their phone and know exactly when you'll be arriving. And they don't have to tell your or explain to you where to take them. They just get in the car and ride, while you drive. Too easy.

Of course, the whole transaction is cashless. All cash transaction is done behind the scene.

For us savvy business people who are always looking for opportunities to earn more money. This is the best deal.

The reason I choose to try uber, other than it being suggested by a friend is because it is SO EASY to get started. If you already has a car (you do need at least a 4-door car), a driver's license, auto insurance, car registration, safety check, which I'm sure all car owners already have. All you need then is another safety inspection by Uber so you can be covered by their insurance company up to $1 million.

Because Uber Honolulu is desperate for drivers, they actually set up free safety inspection for anyone who shows up.

You get this?

So if you already own a car and show up for the free safety inspection by Uber, you have no start-up cost at all. Where can you make money without start-up cost?

And the biggest reason why I become a uber driver is that my car now is an "asset". It is generating income, and I can now write off my registration, gasoline, insurance, safety check, car wash, smart phone service fees and the 20% service charge as tax deductibles.

The only drawbacks is that you won't know how many people you'll picking up or wether they have big luggages. And, of course, uber takes 20% from your earnings, which I think is totally fair for the technology that they provide, the marketing and seamless cash transaction.

I basically drive my car for FREE with Uber!

Find out how easy it is to earn money in your free time with Uber Honolulu.

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